Rent in its entirety is due the 1st day of each month and considered late on the 2nd. You will be charged a late fee, as per-your-lease agreement, if we do not receive your full rent payment by the 5th. We encourage tenants to pay online or with cash at CVS Pharmacy or ACE Cash Express. Payments made online or at CVS Pharmacy and ACE Cash Express are posted to your account immediately, with no risk of mail delay. When paying by mail, please take into consideration Sunday(s) and holiday(s) when the USPS is closed. We do not accept personal checks after the 5th of the month. NSF Fee is $25.00



We offer several different ways to pay your rent online. You can pay with e-check, credit card, or debit card, through the online tenant portal.



You can also pay with CASH at CVS pharmacy or Ace Cash Express. You will need your CVS pharmacy I.D. card or ACE Cash Express I.D. card provided in your welcome packet at move-in. If you have lost one or both of your I.D. cards please call (336) 444-3131 Ext.4 and we will TEXT you the CVS barcode or Ace Cash Express token number so that you may make a payment.

  • CVS Pharmacy – All Participating Locations
  • ACE Cash Express: 946 E. Bessemer Ave. Greensboro, NC 27405  Mon-Thu: 9-6  Fri: 9-7  Sat: 9-4  Sun: CLOSED  (336) 370-0000
  • ACE Cash Express: 1015 E. Cone Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27405  Mon-Thu: 9-6  Fri: 9-7  Sat: 9-4  Sun: CLOSED  (336) 375-1040
  • ACE Cash Express: 2114 S. Main St. High Point, NC 27263  Mon-Thu: 9-6  Fri: 9-7  Sat: 9-4  Sun: CLOSED  (336) 886-2274
  • ACE Cash Express: 3583 N Patterson Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27105  Mon-Fri: 9-7  Sat: 9-5  Sun: CLOSED  (336) 744-8052
  • ACE Cash Express: 1499 New Walkertown Road Winston-Salem, NC 27101  Mon-Fri: 9-7  Sat: 9-5  Sun: CLOSED  (336) 722-0233
  • ACE Cash Express: 1100 North Miami Blvd. Durham, NC 27703  Mon-Fri: 10-8  Sat: 10-5  Sun: CLOSED  (919) 682-2977
  • $3.99 processing fee applies
  • $1,500 maximum payment per-transaction
  • Keep your receipt for proof of payment